John started his successful Real Estate business approximately 14 years ago deciding to be completely and utterly committed to personal service provided with professional excellence and integrity. These characteristics guide every transaction he facilitates at Luxury Homes Costa Rica (LHCR) and have earned him a reputation for impeccable, personalized service in buying or selling unique homes.

John has sold millions of dollars in Real Estate in Costa Rica and due to his passion for real estate he keeps pursuing excellency with the goal to offer to his clients, the most luxurious properties in the country.

With vast experience in Luxury residential real estate in all Costa Rica, John and his team can guide the most demanding clients to successful real estate transactions in Costa Rica.

John spends his “free” time with his family, his wife Kelly, his two children Daniel and Gabriel, the entire family loves serving at the local Christian church where John also manages a Ministry.

Adeline Valette



An entrepreneur and real estate agent specializing in the luxury market, brings her unparalleled expertise and passion for exquisite properties. Originally from Cannes, France, she seamlessly transitioned to the magnificent landscapes of Costa Rica in 2015, captivated by its beauty during a holiday that turned into a permanent love affair with the country.
Having lived in Samara for years and now calling Santa Ana home, Adeline boasts invaluable insights and connections throughout Guanacaste and the Central Valley. With great social skills and unwavering professionalism, she ensures that every client receives the utmost care and attention.
Guiding you with a beaming smile and a commitment to excellence, Adeline is your trusted partner in finding the luxury property of your dreams amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Costa Rica.



Sandra Castellanos is a luxury real estate specialist in Costa Rica. Entrepreneur, athlete, proud mom, and a global traveler. Sandra was born in Guadalajara and raised in Monterrey, México. For 23 years she has lived in different parts of the world and the last 10 years in San Jose Costa Rica, capital city where she now lives and works with a focus on Escazú and Santa Ana.

Sandra has a passion for the business and a steadfast dedication to her clients. Being a professional in the area of ​​Tourism and Public Relations, the sale of properties has been a job appropriate to her skills because her objectives are to achieve the satisfaction of clients and property owners, achieving excellent negotiations. With more than 15 years of experience in Panama, Colombia and Costa Rica She loves what she does and is very grateful to pursue her passion for extraordinary lives and extraordinary properties.



Jose Luis is a Peruvian Architect and Businessman who came to Costa Rica in 1990.

He has a degree in Architecture and extensive experience in Real Estate and project development since 2004.

Working as an architect he has had the opportunity to gain experience working with clients from different countries. He has managed to developed projects from the conceptual stage to construction. He has great negotiation skills, communication and search for solutions of all kinds helping the clients he manages to find an acquire their dream property in Costa Rica. His Real Estate experience started since 2004.



I have lived in Costa Rica for the last 20 years and the quality of life that comes from living here is unbeatable. Here, I am able to get out every day and enjoy my beautiful surroundings. I love to surf in the ocean, play football (soccer), spend time with my kids, and just sit outside reading. I especially enjoy walking on the beach with my best friend…my beautiful wife. There are plenty of opportunities here to enjoy all the moments that life has to offer.

The culture of Costa Rica has been a source of inspiration to me. On one of my road trips, I saw an older gentleman with a large sack of potatoes on his back. I offered him a ride and he declined. I passed again, six hours later, and he was still walking. When I stopped to ask him why he didn’t allow me to help, he replied that although he is 80 years old, doing things like this has made him healthier and stronger. The Pura Vida lifestyle is so amazing, that the Nicoya Peninsula is one of the world’s five blue zones.

As a real estate agent for the last 5 years in Guanacaste, it is my job to show you what an amazing area this is, and to help you find the perfect place to live here in Costa Rica. I truly believe that you can have the life in paradise you’ve always dreamed about. The regions is great, with many residential communities that offer security, unbelievable amenities, and the location close to the beach. A perfect place to raise a family or retire to. Who knows…you can find your piece of paradise today and maybe…years from now I will see you looking your best at 80 years old, walking along and enjoying life.

Ultra Luxury

LHCR is a full-service Luxury residential and commercial real estate company in the central valley of the San Jose area that offers professional referrals and relocation assistance with personal attention and old-fashioned ethics consistently provided to every client.

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The purchasing process for a Costa Rican property is not all that complicated. Like in almost all areas of the world, certain documents need to be filed, professionals get involved, simple fees are paid, and with the help of lawyer, documents are filed making the sale official so the buyer can take legal ownership of the home, condo, duplex, or property.

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